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Located just North of Nashville, Tennessee. We carry top of the line metal detecting equipment for the professional as well as the hobbyist. Dixie Metal Detectors is Middle Tennessee's only Minelab, XP Deus, Makro, Tesoro, Fisher, Garret, Sun Ray, and Detector Pro dealer, handling their unique line of quality detectors and accessories for the professional as well as the "weekend hunter." We are a authorized 5 Star Tesoro Dealer and carry their complete line of limited Lifetime warranted detectors. Tesoro is the only company to offer a Lifetime warranty on their products. We are Authorized Dealers for the Detector Pro Gray Ghost, Sun Ray Pro Gold, Garrett, Koss and other brands of headphones and accessories. We offer Sun Ray's accessories for Minelab, Whites, Fisher and Garrett Detectors. Detector Pro, Garrett & Minelab Pin Pointing Probes, and a full line of digging tools, books, CD's, and other metal detecting items along with many Civil War research maps and books, as well as the Official Records of the War of the Great Rebellion (OR's) on CD-ROM (see our Specialty Items page).  When you need to trust a professional, call David at Dixie Metal Detectors: (615) 860-4333.

Macro Racer 2 now available along with the Makro waterproof pin pointer!

Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer
We are now dealers for EEZOX premium firearms care. Works great on your knives or collectible cutlery, especially those civil war edges weapons. Want a product that really cleans even those stubborn muzzle loaders? Not only cleans but preserves the metal,  prevents fingerprints and RUST? Check out what replaced over 30 solvents, oils, cleaners and foaming products for me. The great news is not only does it perform as claimed, it's cheaper than you will believe! Check it out on our Accessories page in the Specialty Items! * Works great on nuts, bolts, screws and other ferrous parts. Use only as directed.
Eezox 1.5oz Gun Container

Current Update!

Did you know you can now use PayPal Credit ® (a PayPal company) to finance your next metal detector? You can get no interest financing if paid off within 6 months! Other payment options are also available. With top shelf models breaking the two grand barrier and beyond, PayPal Credit ® can make that dream model a reality. Check it out and see if this is something you can use on your next detector purchase.


See Minelab pages for details!

Special runs from November 1st 2016 until January 31st 2017 or stock runs out.


We are authorized dealers for the XP line of wireless metal detectors, including the XP Deus! Check out the Gold Field program that comes with the XP Deus! See details on our XP page! Now you have multiple options and packages to choose from with models starting at $799! See our XP Deus options below:


XP has just completed a series of 10 DEUS Instructional Videos. These field instruction videos are all uploaded to YouTube for easy sharing and posting to your website. You can see all of the videos at this link:


Look at the new Underwater Head Hunter detector from Detector Pro! Rated to 100 feet depth, it will come with a Lithium rechargeable battery built into the head phones! Call or email for details. 



Check out the new RnB Innovations rechargeable 3100mah battery packs for the FBS Minelab's (Explorer's, E-Trac's, Quattro/Safari's). Long lasting power that comes with a Smart Charger! Car chargers now available. Also available, the White's HP3100 battery for many popular White's models. Coming soon! A new battery for the Garrett AT Pro! Find these and more on our Accessories page under "Meters and Electronics"



¡Atención! E-Trac detector de metales de alto rendimiento de Minelab está disponible ahora en una versión en español! ¡Eso es! El E-Trac está ahora disponible con un manual de español con iconos españoles! Viene con los objetivos de control táctil español y visualización e indentifica en español! El mismo precio que el modelo de lenguaje Inglés en $1,498.95 enviado en cualquier parte del territorio continental de Estados Unidos. AK y HI póngase en contacto con nosotros para los costes de envío. Vea la sección en nuestra página productos Minelab para ordenar o contactar por correo electrónico o teléfono: dixiedetectors@dixie-metal-detectors.com o llama: 615-860-4333 y preguntar por David.


The new Ace models are here! As always, FREE SHIPPING!

The new flagship of the Garrett ACE lineup is the ACE 400, which features the Iron Audio™ feature made popular on the company’s AT Pro™ and AT Gold™ detectors. Iron Audio allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal range. This helps the operator hear the iron content in flat steel objects like bottle caps and washers that sometimes trick a detector into reporting them as good targets.

The ACE 400 includes a higher, 10 kHz frequency t...o provide better sensitivity to low and medium conductivity targets, such as gold and lead. The detector’s Frequency Adjust feature allows users
to easily toggle between slight frequency shifts to help eliminate interference from other detectors or power sources. The ACE 400 ships with an 8.5”x11” DD-configuration PROformance searchcoil
that has proven to be very popular with the company’s previous ACE™ 350 and EuroACE™ detectors. The ACE 400 includes five discrimination modes, electronic pinpointing, sensitivity
adjustment, and High-Resolution Iron Discrimination.

 The ACE 400 will ship with three FREE accessories to complement the new release: an 8.5”x11”
DD searchcoil cover; volume-control ClearSound Easy Stow headphones; and a new ACE Environmental Cover-up to protect the control box from rain, dust, and mud.

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 We are authorized to sell and ship Tesoro products to the United States, Mexico, all US territories and its possessions as well as the Caribbean. We are also authorized Dealers for Minelab, XP Deus, Makro, Garrett, Fisher, Teknetics, Detector Pro, and more. We accept American Express, MasterCard/Visa/Discover & Debit cards, PayPal, personal checks (must clear our bank before any products ship, please allow 7-10 days), money orders and offer FREE lay-away. If you would like to finance your detector, be sure to sign up with PayPal Credit which is offered via PayPal!

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F75 Ltd Detector
F75 Ltd Detector
$1,449.00  $1,099.20

X-Terra 305 Detector
X-Terra 305 Detector
$479.00  $379.00
X-Terra 705 Gold Detector
X-Terra 705 Gold Detector
$729.00  $600.00

XP DEUS Starter package
XP DEUS Starter package
$1,100.00  $799.00

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